Johnny Hodges

229 General Somervell St NE Albuquerque, NM 87123 | 505-312-8078 | jhod45@gmail.com

I have had a mostly home-based business for seventeen years during which time I have employed up to seven other people building and repairing computers and setting up small business networks. I have Management and Leadership skills and abilities. I have extensive Customer Relationship experience.

I have some very good computer skills in both operating and building/repairing them.

I was Microsoft Helpdesk certified and a Microsoft Partner for many years. I have a lot of Microsoft Office experience and experience in setting up Windows and Linux Servers

I served for two years as Associate Pastor of a small Church in Odessa, TX and many years as a volunteer leader at the Oasis Family Church in Albuquerque.

I have been a salesman of some kind all my life. Give me a product I can believe in and I can sell it to anyone.

I now have some decent coding skills in C+, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Linux, My SQL, HTML, Python and others.

I bring a lot to the table and just need an opportunity to do so.